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Bankruptcy A-Z – F is for Filing Requirements

by Dorota Trzeciecka on March 19th, 2012

If you’re an individual debtor (as opposed to an entity, like a corporation), you will need the following to file a petition for Chapter 7 bankruptcy :

1.  Filing fee of $306 (this fee can be waived if you qualify, or paid in installments)

*2.  Voluntary Petition

Additional Requirements for Petitions:

A.  If you’re an individual debtor, you must complete credit counseling before filing of the Petition

B.  Completed Statement of Compliance with Credit Counseling Requirement accompanied by a certificate of completion of credit counseling within six months of  filing of the petition.  If you’re filing a joint case with your spouse, you have to file two separate Statements of Compliance.

B.  If you’re filing pro-se (without an attorney) you have to provide photocopies of government issued photo identification at the time of filing of your Petition.

3.  Completed Schedules A-J and related documents, including Summary of Schedules, Statistical Summary of Certain Liabilities and Related Data, and Unsworn Declaration Concerning Debtor’s Schedules

4.  Completed Statement of Financial Affairs and Unsworn Declaration

5.  Completed Chapter 7 Individual Debtor’s Statement of Intention, declaring your intention to either keep or surrender real property, personal property, like a car, or any unexpired leases, like a car, or a rental agreement on a place where you live.

*6. List of your Creditors (if your Schedules are not filed with the Petition).

Additional requirements  (Filed Separately)

7.  Official bankruptcy Form “Statement of Social Security Number”.  this document will not be placed in public records.

*8.  Creditor Matrix filed in accordance with the “Clerk’s Instructions for Preparing , Submitting  and Obtaining Service Matrices.”

9.  Local Form “Declaration Regarding Payment Adices” with attached copies of pay stubs or other evidence of payments received within 60 days before the date of filing of the petition.  If you do not have copies, file the Declaration and explain the reasons.

10.  Official Bankruptcy Form 22(A) – Statement of Current Monthly Income and Means Test Calculations for Use in Chapter 7 Only.

11.  After the Petition is filed, you have to complete Personal FinancialManagement course and file the Official bankruptcy From “Debtor’s Certification of Completion of Post petition Instructional Course Concerning Peresonal Financial Management.

The local and the official bankruptcy forms can be obtained from the court’s website.

*minimum initial filing requirements

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